January 2016 Group Schedule **NEW GROUP TIMES**

5AM Addiction Education (Hope) ++ Ken(Renee)
Gp1 – 01/04; Gp2 – 01/11; Gp3 – 01/18; Gp4 – 01/25
8AM Parenting Skills (Hope) Ken
9AM Pride vs. Stigma (Hope) # Ken(Genny)
9AM HepC (Cslr office) ~ æ Toni
9AM LGBT (Cslr office) æ Shay
10AM Grief (Hope) ~ Ken
1PM Orientaion (Hope) Kelley(Marie)
1PM Mental Health Concerns ~ æ Terri(Shay)


5AM Courage to Taper (Hope) Ken
7AM Relapse Prevention (Hope) V Ken(Toni)
Gp1 – 01/05; Gp2 – 01/12; Gp3 – 01/19; Gp4 – 01/26
8AM Maternity Issues (NB) ~ Dawn
9AM Orientation (Hope) Sara(Toni)
10AM THC Group (NB) Sara(Deborah)
1PM Addiction Education (NB) ++ Ken(Dawn)
Gp1 – 01/05; Gp2 – 01/12; Gp3 – 01/19; Gp4 – 01/26
1PM Maternity Issues (Hope) ~ Dawn


5AM Orientation Ken
7AM Pride vs: Stigma (Oasis) # Genny
9AM Relapse Prevention (NB) V Toni( )
Gp1 – 01/06; Gp2 – 01/13; Gp3 – 01/20; Gp4 – 01/27
10AM Coping with the Holidays Deborah
10AM Coping w/Anger (Oasis) (w/IOP) ~ Chelsea(Ken)
Gp1 – 01/06; Gp2 – 01/13; Gp3 – 01/20; Gp4 – 01/27
10AM Women’s Group (NB) Kelley
2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month 01/13 & 01/27
1PM Women’s Group (NB) Kelley
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 01/06 & 01/20
6:30PM Family Education Group Ken


5AM Relapse Prevention (Oasis) V Ken
Gp1 – 01/07; Gp2 – 01/14; Gp3 – 01/21; Gp4 – 01/28
5AM BZP Group (NB) Deborah(Kelley)
6AM THC Group (Oasis) Ken
7AM Addiction Education (Oasis) ++ Ken(Dawn)
Gp1 on 01/07 – Gp2 on 01/14 – Gp3 on 01/21 – Gp4 – 01/28
8AM Pt Advocacy Gp (On 01/07/16 ONLY) (NB) Deborah(Toni)
9AM Orientation (NB) * Kali (Kelley)
9AM Seeking Safety Group æ ~ (01/14 & 01/28) Terri(Deborah)
10AM BZP Group (NB) Deborah
1PM Pride vs: Stigma (PHP) # Marie(Genny)
6PM NA MEETING (non-SITC) (PHP) Janeen


5AM Pride vs: Stigma (Hope) # Ken(Genny)
7AM Orientation (Hope) Ken(Sara)
8AM Courage to Taper Ken
8AM Spirituality and Addiction (Hope) Chelsea(Kristin)
9AM Addiction Education (Hope) ++ Ken
Gp1-None; Gp2-01/8; Gp3-01/15; Gp4-01/22; NO GP 01/29
10AM Men’s Group (Hope) Ken(Kevin)
1PM Relapse Prevention (Hope) V Ken( )
Gp1-None; Gp2-01/8; Gp3-01/15; Gp4-01/22; NO GP 01/29

9 AM – 10:30 AM
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm


5AM Courage to Taper (NB) Ken
6AM Orientation Ken
7AM Relapse Prevention (NB) V Ken
Gp1-01/2; Gp2-01/9; Gp3-01/16; Gp4-01/27; NO GP 01/30
8AM Addiction Education (NB) +++ Ken
Gp1-01/2; Gp2-01/9; Gp3-01/16; Gp4-01/27; NO GP 01/30
9AM Pride v. Stigma (NB) # Ken

Weekend Team on 5th Sat when there is no Ad Ed or Rel Prev


7:30 – 8:30 AM Orientation (NB) Weekend Staff


6:30-8:00pm Family Education Series (Hope)(12-week series)
~Please see your counselor for further info, or call Kenneth
Extremely helpful if I know someone is expected.


6:00 – 7:00pm NA Meeting – PHP Conference Room
(no group credit given)


January 2016 Group Schedule **NEW GROUP TIMES**


As of January 1st: all workpass patients need to bring in and give the medication nurse their latest pay stub. The medication nurse will update the workpass.

The following was posted in November 2015.

Due to recent complaints about long lines and wait times we are making changes to accommodate the needs of our patients who are employed and have to be at work by 8 am.
• All work pass patients must submit employment verification on company letterhead with work hours as well as your most recent pay stub by December 1st. Both documents will be submitted to your counselor.
• All work pass patients will be required to re-submit most recent pay stubs on the first day of every month showing continued employment. Pay stubs will be turned in to the nurses at the medication window to renew workpass.
• If you are someone who was granted work pass due to transportation issues please see your counselor immediately. We are aware there are many people on workpass who are unemployed but riding with someone on workpass. In this situation you may granted a 30 day extension to allow time to find alternative transportation or employment. No further extensions will be granted. No exceptions.

Anyone who does not have proper verification turned in by December 1st will not be allowed to medicate during work pass and time will be changed immediately. There will be no exceptions to this. We understand that some of our patients have to be at work early and we are trying to do everything we can to support that. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we hope these changes will have a positive impact in your treatment.



Many times a person’s treatment depends entirely upon ability to pay; Medication Assisted Therapy is covered by some insurances:
Humana/Lifesynch, ValueOptions, UBH, UMR, Aetna, Cigna.
Please be aware that if you have Medicaid (Hoosier Healthwise) treatment will not be covered. Similarly, if you have state insurance from Kentucky, treatment will also not be covered.
If you do not have insurance please know that some counselors are able to help you sign up. Further, when you call/contact a provider make sure you ask about policies covering treatment. You are protected and you are entitled to seek help.


Patient Fees

Intake Fee: $70 (this includes physical, blood work, urine drug screen, and the first day’s medication fee.)

Methadone Liquid: $15.00 a day

Subutex $19.00 a day
Suboxone Maintenance available on request

Additional UDS (any drug screens past the 8 screens a year) $10.00
Oral Swab testing: $10 if one of 8 for year, $20 if it is an additional test past the 8
UDS Retest- $6.00
GCMS- $20.00 for each drug tested
Pregnancy Test- $5.00
Re-test for TB: $20.00
Annual Physical Assessment – $40.00 (includes TB test and CBC)
Female Annual Physical plus pregnancy test $45
Fax- $1.00 per page
Copies- 0.40 cents each
Locks $3
Lock Bags (small) $7.00
Lock Bags (large) $10.00
Guest Dose Fee- $50 (No charge when guest dosing from another CRC clinic)
Serum Test (Peak and Trough): $15.00
Copy of a patient’s file: $25.00
Processing fee for reimbursements after discharge: $25.00
Invoice print outs: $1.00 per sheet
On-site 9 panel test: $10.00
Breathalyzer: $1.00
Missed MD Appointment: $10 (includes missed illicit UDS Group meeting w/Doctor)
Missed Annual Physical Appointments: $10.00
Missed COSAT, IOP, or Stages Group: $30.00
TLC: $10.00
Illicit UDS Charge: $10.00
Medicating outside of time: $10.00

Patient Fees

Treatment Center Hours

Clinical Hours of Operation

Clinic Name: Southern Indiana Treatment Center

Address: 7509 Charlestown Pike
Charlestown, IN 47111

Days and Hours of Operation:
Monday 4:30am – 2:00 pm Closed 11:00am – 12:30pm (Lunch)
Tuesday 4:30am – 2:00 pm Closed 11:00am – 12:30pm (Lunch)
Wednesday4:30am – 2:00 pm Closed 11:00am – 12:30pm (Lunch)
Thursday 4:30am – 2:00 pm Closed 11:00am – 12:30pm (Lunch)
Friday 4:30am – 2:00 pm Closed 11:00am – 12:30pm (Lunch)
Saturday 5:00 am – 10:00 am
Sunday (& holidays) 6:00am – 9:00am
WAVE 3; WDRB 41; WHAS 11; & WLKY 32

Phone Number: (812) 256-4686 Fax: (812)256-4415
After-hours Emergency Phone #: (502)593-7369
Clinical Director: Steven Mitchell
In the event of a medical or otherwise life-threatening emergency please call 911 or your local emergency services provider.

Treatment Center Hours